EPDM Cost Rubber V Ribbed Multiple Belt 0242131, 14pk710 Suitable for Johndeere Tractor Engine with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

ZheJiang Heiyi rubber co.,ltd.Established in 1995.With R&D center,manufacture,sales,field service ability.
Our Product mainly include automotive pk belt,raw edge cog v belt,agriculture tooth v belt,industrial belt.
HEIYI TOOTH belt is CZPT tradermark in CZPT market.More than 200 distributors in each province,
we are directly authorized supplier to CZPT first class machine manufactures include LOVOL,ZOOMLION,

HEI means black color,it represents black rubber,black land.
YI means only one,”One heart devoted only for excellent quality.”




1.Ribbed belt,PK,PJ,PL.
2.Raw-edge v belt.AV10X,AV13X,AV15X,AV17X,AV22X
3.Narrow cogged belt,XPZ,XPA,XPB,XPC,SPBX,SPCX,SPZX
4.Variable speed belt,HI25mm,HD32mm,HDJ32mm,HJ32mm,HK,HL,HM,HN,HO,HQ.
5.Joined banded cogged v belt.Such as 2HB,3HB,4HB,2SB,3SB,4SB,2SC,3S,9J-5,-6-7 ext.
6.Double side tooth belt,AA,BB,CC,HCC.

Product name:Rubber v belt
HS code:45713900
Material:EPDM rubber
Cord:Poly cord and Kevlar cord
Type:Ribbed type and teeth type v belt,cog type



. Thousands of moulds CZPT . MOQ is based on one mould quantity
. ISO/TS16949 quality certificate
. Ribbed belt Warranty:150,000-200,000kms
. We could supply a whole series of auto belts and agricultural belts,We have CZPT own brand accept CZPT
. Excellent flexibility
. CZPT CZPT transmission efficiency
. Lower noise
. CZPT grade engineered rubber
. CZPT er service life
.Temperature range from -40ºC to +120ºC
.Oil, heat,ozone and abrasion resistant


  Function Material
The treated polyester cord is a low stretch high
strength tension member able to withstand shock
loads on drives with fixed centers
Polyester/Aramid Fiber
Long wearing, oil resistant, fibre-loaded neoprene
rubber is used in the ribs to provide support for the
tension member and to transmit the loads to the pulley
Bias ply type fabric backing resists cracking and
provides abrasion resistance
oil and heat resistant rubber is used to bond the
tension member to the rest of the belt


Top Width(mm) Thickness(mm) Length Range(inch) Length Range(mm) Angle
O/AV10* 10 8.5 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
A/AV13* 13 9.5 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
B/AV17* 17 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
C/AV22* 22 19 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
SAx/LAx 12.5 8.8 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
SBx/LBx 16.2 10 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
SCx/LCx 21 11.2 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
XPA/SPAX 12.5 10 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
XPB/SPBX/5V 16.2 13 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
XPC/SPCX 21 15 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
XPZ/SPZX/3V 9.5 8.8 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
25N/8V 25 17 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
HI 25 13 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HJ/HDJ 32 18 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HD 32 18 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
HK 38 20 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HL 45 24 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HM 51 25.5 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HN 57 26 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
HO 63 26 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 32°
9J-5 50.1 11 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
9J-6 60.4 11 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
9J-7 70.7 11 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
3R-5V 50 15.2 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
4R-5V 67.5 15.2 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 40°
4R-SPA 60.8 11 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
2HB 35 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
3HB 54 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
4HB 72.5 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
5HB 91 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
6HB 110 14 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
2HC 47.5 16 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
3HC 72.5 16 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°
4HC 98 16 19.68″-216.5″ 500-5500 38°

Other special sizes v belts(such as 36*,45*,68*), banded v belts, flat belts and PK,DPK, PJ, PL,
AA,BB,CC Belts
are also CZPT , if you have any need of them, please feel free to contact us. We
will confirm all the details and reply you within 24 hours.


HEIYI rubber v belt CZPT widely used for agriculture machine,automotive(Passager car,Truck,Bus,Construction car),textile machine,mining machine and other industry.




First of all, what are the characteristics of EPDM in terms of materials? Here I summarize as follows: CZPT er heat resistance.
After testing, the temperature range is -40ºC to 120ºC. Compare to the traditional CR rubber has a temperature resistance of 100°C.
At present, belt manufacturers in Germany, Japan, and the CZPT States are all making EPDM materials as their latest technology.
In addition, in terms of appearance, what are the advantages compared with traditional wrapped belt? Below I list them one by one:
1.15% capacity increase over wrapped belts
2.Superior flexibility.
3.No re-tensioning required.
4.Reduce wrapped belt drive width up to 50%.
5.Increase efficiency up to 3% over wrapped belts.
6.Use smaller diameter pulleys than wrapped belts.
7.Moulded notches reduce and evenly distribute
8.Thermal and bending stresses.
9.Reduce drive maintenance
Including cords, we are divided into polyester cords and aramid cords, which are suitable for different working parts.
At present, Heiyi is the company in the world range firstly put toothed belts, variable speed belts, and single belts, largely used in agricultural machinery and auto parts. Our partners include LOVOL, CZPT , WORLD, YHMAC, CZPT YTO. In CZPT cooperation, there are many companies that use CZPT toothed belts. Taking the toothed belt as a new selling point will greatly increase the sales of agricultural machinery products. And CZPT price is competitive in the same industry.

Example CZPT Savings Calculations
A continuously operating, 100-horsepower (hp), supply-air fan operates at an average
motor load of 75% while consuming 527,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electrical energy
annually. What are the annual energy and dollar savings if a 95% efficient (η1) V-belt is
replaced with a 98% efficient (η2) synchronous belt? CZPT ctricity is priced at $0.08/kWh.
Energy Savings = Annual CZPT Use x (1 – η1/η2 )
= 527,000 kWh/year x (1 – 95/98) = 16,130 kWh/year
Annual Cost Savings = 16,130 kWh x $0.08/kWh = $1,290



Honorary qualification of HEIYI rubber co.,ltd.
2011-Advanced work unit
2011-Famous trademark enterprise of HangZhou City
2012-Famous trademark of ZheJiang Province
2012-Member of CZPT CZPT Industry Association
2013-ZheJiang Province SME brand-name products
2015-Petroleum and chemical enterprise quality inspection Grade A
2017-ZheJiang CZPT brand products
2017-ZheJiang Province quality products.
2017-High tech enterprise
2018 ZheJiang province industrial enterprise R&D Organization Grade C.
2018-ISO16949 certification.



1.Can you supply sample?
Yes,we can supply 1-2 pcs sample.
2.Could you please CZPT CZPT er brand?
Yes,we can CZPT while you send us brand certificate authorition and brand register certificate and
Legal person certificate.
3.What is your MOQ?
For CZPT brand CZPT MOQ is 500-1000pcs
For HEIYI brand MOQ is 20pcs around.Different model MOQ is different.
4.What is delivery time?
It depends on CZPT stock condition and manufacture schedule of order.
5.What kind of incoterm do you support?
EXW,FOB,CIF,CFR and so on.
6.What is your payment term?
For amount less than 30 thousand US dollar,we accept 100%TT in CZPT .
Other condition we could negotiate.
7.About after-sales service.
HEIYI have a complete R&D,Manufacture,Delivery,Warehouse,Logistic,Sales,After sales team on the market.
If any questions,you could feedback to CZPT sale-representive.We will give solutions in 24 hours.
8.What is your gurantee of v belt?
For automitive rubber v belt,our gurantee time is 150000 to 200000km.
For agriculture and industrial v belt,according to differnt CZPT loading,we have different class.