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Product Description

Wire Roller Wheel/Wear Resistant Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. Wheel

If your factory produces a variety of wire diameters, and the wire diameter range is relatively large, you need to purchase multiple sizes of guide wheels, causing a large number of guide wheels to accumulate in the warehouse and occupying inventory, you can choose this adjustable width guide wheel. This guide wheel has two specifications, one is the adjustment range of 1-13mm, the other is the adjustment range of 1-25mm.

Product Description

Adjustment method
Loosen and turn the turnbuckle at the tail of the guide wheel so that the body of the guide wheel can be turned to a suitable distance, and then turn the turnbuckle at the tail to lock it and not move.

guiding pulley QP-1-13 QP-1-25
Adjustable range 1-13 mm 1-25 mm
Outer diameter 80 mm 80 mm
Length 50 mm 80
Inner diameter M10 M10
Inner diameter bearing bearing
Color black / silver black


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