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Product Description

CM On-Load Tap Changers with Multiple Coarse & Fine Regulation


CM on load tap changer (OLTC) applies to CZPT and rectifier transformers with rated voltage 35kV, 63kV,
110kV,150kV and 220kV, maximum rated through current 600A for three poles and 1500A for single pole, to
change the taps under load for the purpose of voltage regulation. Three phase OLTCs are used at the
neutral point of the Y connection, the single phase OLTC may be used for any connections. CM OLTC is a
typical OLTC of combined structure, which consists of diverter switch and tap selector.
CM on load tap changer is to be CZPT ened to the transformer tank cover by its tap changer head which serves
also for connecting to the motor driver CMA7 or SHM-III via the worm wheel reducer and bevel CZPT  for the
purpose of tap changing.
When CM OLTC is used without a change-over selector,the maximum operating positions CZPT will be
18, and will be up to 35 when it is used with a change-over selector. (special design is exclusive).
This operating instruction includes all the necessary information for the installation and operation of CM OLTC.

Type designation

Technical data of CM OLTC

Mechanical operation principle of the tap changer

The operation of tap change begins with the electric motor of the motor drive unit. The driving force is
transferred to the worm wheel reducer on the top cover of the tap change through driving shaft and belt
pulley box. After the reducer, it is actuated to the energy acumulation mechanism and the shaft which
passes through the diverter switch sown to the cylinder bottom.
There the cylinder bottom gear clutch is connected to the Geneva wheel mechanism of the tap selector.
The rotation of Geneva wheel makes the contacting bridge to rotate an angle corresponding to one step, thus
the connecting bridge will connected to the desired tap of the tap winding without load.

In the same time, the eccentric wheel of the energy accumulation mechanism makes the upper slide to
move along the guide rail. The spring between the upper and lower slide is compressed to store energy, the
cam wheel is locked by the clutch to hold the lower slide in its original position. When the upper slide moves to
the release position, the side wall of the upper slide makes the corresponding jaw to move away from the
locked cam wheel, thus releases the energy storage mechanism and operates the diverter switch. At this time,
the lower slide moves to the new position, the clutch jaw again engages with the cam wheel, the mechanism is
locked to prepare for the next tap change operation.
The motor drive mechanism automatically stops after performing one tap change.

Company Profile:
Main product line: Tap changer and HV switchgear
Tap changer manufacturing with fullest vertical integration
Tap Changer Products Range On-Load Tap Changer:
* Conventional OLTC for transformer with voltage up to 765kV
*Vacuum OLTC for oil transformer with voltage up to 765kV
*Vacuum OLTC for dry transformer with voltage of 72.5kV
Off-Circuit Tap Changer
* Application for the transformer with voltage up to 765kV

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1. Pre sale service
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1. Q: What is your delivery time ?
A:  Depend on the type of transformer.
2. Q: What is your payment term?
A:  30% CZPT by T/T , 70% before delivery by T/T or L/C or we can discuss about it.
3. Q: What kind of standard you follow?
A:  IEC, ANSI, CSA, GB, etc
4. Q: What kind of supporting documentation you can provide normally
A:  Quotation, outline drawing, manufacturing plan, quality control plan
testing plan, financial report, type test report(KEMA, CESI),reference list, etc
5. Q: What is your normal warranty period?
A:  12 months after transformer operation.
6. Q: Can u do installation and commission in user’s site?
A:  Yes, we can send CZPT installation team to user’s country for service.
7. Q: Do you have any experience in this kind of transformer?
A:  Yes, we can provide reference list for check.

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