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Product Description


Extensible Belt CZPT

Telescopic conveyor (also known as telescopic loading machine), it can be freely telescopic in the length direction, at any time to control the length of the conveyor. It can be used in cooperation with other conveying equipment and material sorting system to realize the automatic production of material in and out of storage or vehicle loading and unloading. It has been widely used in CZPT industries.

The positioning conveyor of the telescopic belt conveyor is mainly suitable for the loading and unloading operations of bagged goods of about 10-60 kg.
1. This conveyor only needs 2 people to move to different working locations at will.
2. Push directly into the compartment, and can go deep into the compartment of about 10 meters for operation.
3. When the conveyor is in operation, the operation can be completed by dragging the goods manually. It can be forwarded for loading and reversed for loading, and the loading and unloading efficiency can reach about 30 pieces of goods per minute.
4. The operating position of the conveyor can be adjusted in multiple directions according to the operating requirements. Using the mechanical arm hydraulic device, the higher can be raised to 4 meters, and the lower can be lowered to 2 meters, which solves the problem of difficult palletizing of heavy goods.

Instructions for use
First: move the conveyor to the loading site; Then: move the conveyor to the interior of the carriage; The third step: turn on the CZPT , open the switch operation, the side switch is the reverse switch, the CZPT button is the start switch, the red light is the CZPT indicator, the display is the counting display device (there is a small button above, can be counted to zero). ; Step 4: According to the requirements of the operation, the head height can be adjusted through the hydraulic device, the hydraulic controller to pull out, the head up, to pull in, the head down. Note: Pull the controller slowly when descending; Step 5: CZPT the job, unplug the CZPT supply, turn off the switch, and then move to the designated place.

Production Process

Compay profile
Shuanglongsheng CZPT mation Equipment Co., Ltd. Is located in Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.ang CZPT & CZPT Zone, ZheJiang Province, registered capital 5 million, we are a professional manufacturer of CZPT -standard CZPT mation Equipment. Our company has a complete machining line, punching line, welding line, assemble line, and mainly produce the CZPT -standard products of dust-free, purification workshop, belt line, hydraulic lifting platform, rotating restaurant, shelves, etc.
Since its establishment in 2001, CZPT company has been committed to the research, development, manufacturing, sales, installation, debugging, maintenance and after-sales service for CZPT automation projects. We have the CZPT d processing equipments, management mode and excellent research & development team, and always follow the world CZPT d ranks to continuously innovate and forge ahead. And we set up CZPT hong CZPT ry branch in 2003, approved by ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environment system and certificated by RoHS, CE, NSF, etc. Our company obtains CZPT licenses of special equipment manufacturing and installation, and won the award of the national high-tech private enterprise.
“customer satisfaction, technological innovation, continuous improvement” is CZPT permanent goal. Our R&D team would continuously go to the using sites of CZPT er’s equipments to learn the abnormal situation of equipments and seek the best solution in order to meet CZPT er’s requirements. New and more perfect products, professional production quality and efficient enterprise management platform, it will ensure the high quality of CZPT products. Adhering to CZPT ers’ needs as the core principle, to solve different process equipment problems, to CZPT ized equipments, to provide the automation solutions for different CZPT ers, it makes CZPT company become a competitive automation equipment manufacturer in CZPT /EWS, military aerospace, communications, home appliances, solar energy, automotive electronics, LED industrial fields.
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1.How to ensure your products quality?
 We have professional working teams giving you the best design and production. 

2.Are you a manufacturer?
Yes.We are manufacturer from CZPT and have over 20 years experience in this field. 

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Our products are very popular at present. It is a fashionable equipment which can save manpower and more convenient.

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We can repaire or compansate it for you whenever you have any problems.

5.How CZPT do you deliver goods after we sign the order?
We deliver goods for international logistics within 30 days after you pay the deposit.

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You can pay by L/C, T/T, D/P, or Paypal etc.