Multiple factory Strands Upward Continuous Casting Machine for Copper Rod with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Multiple Strands Upward Continuous CZPT CZPT for Copper Rod
Product Description
Copper rod continuous casting machine is specially used for making copper rod with different sizes.In the copper rod continuous casting machine production line, Copper cathode to be put on the furnace through the lifting system for baking→Ajust the feeding speed according to the casting speed. Feed the copper cathode into the melting furnace for melting (charcle to be used for avoiding the oxygen) → Flow into the transition part (charcle still need to be used for avoiding the oxygen) → Flow into the holding furnace → Flow into the crystallizer, and the copper rods come out → Flow into the casting device → Go through the output frame →Go through the separate shelf (to separate each rod)  → Go through the tension tower ( to contrl the take up speed) → Go through the take up machine, and finish coiling.
Machine Composion
1. CZPT (melting furnace and holding furnace)
2. Copper melting channel &crystallizer
3. Continuous casting machine
4. Frame of guide pulley
5. Limited device
6. Double-station coiling machine 
7. CZPT -water system
8. CZPT ctric control system
9. Charge system
10. Thermosister
Process Diagram

No. Item Data
1 Annual capacity 1000ton-15000ton
2 Furnace structure 3bodys
3 Upward casting spped 0~120mm/min
4 Annual working ime 7920hours
5 Take up coil standard 700mm*1500mm*800mm
6 Take-up type Automatic adjust
7 Take-up plate driven approach push by copper rod, manual winding
8 Material feeding method whole piece of electrolytic copper scrap fed by electric hoist
9 Upward driven approach driven by the AC servo motor, transmission chain is driven by the gapless synchronous cog blet
10 Rod clamping method manual clamping