Model near me shop Rpp 3m Rubber Synchronous Belt Rubber Timing Belt with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Model Rpp3M Rubber synchronous belt

Belt using Japan imported high quality synthetic neoprene,and match into many different uses of rubber materials; Skeleton
materials imported from Japan for high quality glass fiber cord; Tooth surface with nylon 66 high stretch do protection.

The synchronous belt with teeth with tooth mesh to transfer CZPT , it is a new type of synchronous transmission mode.And, Products do not need lubrication ,no slip ,no pollution, less noise; The transmission efficiency of more than 98%, speed ratio range can reach 1:10, Allow linear velocity can be up to 50 m/s, transmission rate from hundreds of tile to hundreds of kw, still apply multiple spindle drive.

Product dynamic bending wind give performance and fatigue performance are good, Ozone good performance, but also has aging heat resisting abrasion characteristics.




Pitch Pb(mm)

Tooth height ht(mm)

Belt thickness hs(mm)

Angle β°

HTD 3M 3.0 3.0 1.15 1.9



1.Company leading products, With all kinds of mold more than 5000.

2.Cutting or provide sleeve according to CZPT er’s


3.Could add anti-static,heat-resistant,low temperature resistance ect.

4. Normal product no minimum order quantity

Our dedication to continuous research and development has led to CZPT most efficient rubber synchronous belts yet. Thanks to their dramatically reduced weight, CZPT complete line of rubber synchronous belts are easier to install and replace. Say no to lubrication on metal wear. Say yes to increased energy effciency.