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Product Description

Product Details

HP serie multiple cylinder cone crusher is the latest model designed by CZPT company, mainly used for hard materials crushing. This series machine has much better performance than the spring cone crusher, and it has bigger capacity and better final products shape.


spindle support, so it’s able to withstand greater crushing force and greater stroke. If added with special crushing cavity adapting lamination principle, the machine has higher efficiency.

Large production capacity: The machine has a perfect design combination of crushing stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape, which makes the machine have 35%~60% higher output than the old spring cone Crusher in case of same fixed cone diameter.

High quality of finished products: The multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher uses special crushing cavity, as well as the principle of laminated design, so that the cube proportions of finished product is significantly increased, with less needle-shaped stones and more evenly particle levels.



Benefits Features

1. Full hydraulic protection and adjustment device, which is labor and time savings.

2. Application of materials-beds pressure crushing way, high utilization rate, flawless particle, uniform size.

3. Newest PLC automatic controlling system; provide reliable and safe protection.

4. Equipped with remote touch-screen operation interface and Display live working status.



The rotating of motor drives pulley or coupling, motor shaft and cone axis to drive eccentric shaft to do periodic rotation-swing movement. After materials entering into the crushing cavity, they will be crushed by mutual impact extrusion, grinding and rubbing of the eccentric shaft and mortar roll, so as to achieve desired crushing effect. CZPT ulic overload system can enlarge discharge hole to discharge obstruction when the machine is jammed, so it plays a positive role as insurance and significantly reduces maintenance and increases productivity.

odel Cavity Type Feeding Size(mm) Closed side feeding size(mm) Minimum Discharge CZPT ing (mm) Motor CZPT (kw) Capacity(t/h) Weight (t)
HP100 C1 Extra coarse 175 140 19 4P 100 45-140 8.4
C2 Coarse 125 105 13
M Medium 100 70 10
F1 Fine 71 50 9
F2 Extra fine 33 20 6
HP200 C2 Coarse 235 190 19 4P 160 90-250 10.4
M Medium 171 120 16
F1 Fine 150 95 13
F2 Extra fine 116 70 8
HP300 C1 Extra coarse 265 230 25 4P 220 115-440 18.1
C2 Coarse 240 210 20
M Medium 190 150 15
F1 Fine 145 105 11
F2 Extra fine 120 80 8
HP400 C1 Extra coarse 360 290 30 4P 315 140-630 25
C2 Coarse 310 250 25
M Medium 260 196 20
F1 Fine 182 110 13
F2 Extra fine 135 90 10
HP500 C1 Extra coarse 370 330 38 4P 400 175-790 36
C2 Coarse 320 290 28
M Medium 245 210 22
F1 Fine 180 130 13
F2 Extra fine 150 95 10
HP800 C1 Extra coarse 450 352 38 4P 830 260-1200 68.5
C2 Coarse 373 298 32
M Medium 340 275 25
F1 Fine 280 230 16
F2 Extra fine 235 150 10


We can not only provide the good machines, but also wholeheartedly provide the comprehensive for CZPT clients. The series of professional technology service will make you have an excellent product experience.


After-sales service support :

After we signed the purchase contract and have a certain reputation guarantee, we will contact the professional group that responsible for ship bookings, commodity inspection, commercial invoices, packing list, insurance policy and so on, in order to provide you the perfect goods trading services, until the product you purchased properly to your hands.


We will send a professional and high levels installation engineer team at the same time the product properly to the destination, in order to supply you a full range of products installation services. For some typical problems, CZPT rigorous installed engineers also will do some certain installation debugging training, etc.


Technological support :

STM CZPT has been largely adopting new technologies, new techniques and high-tech equipment. And STM CZPT also has strict and effective quality control system. We have obtained ISO9001:2000, TUV and CEquality system certificate.