1 Cost Welding Head Multiple Start Buttons Handy Laser Welder with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Advantages of Handheld CZPT Welding CZPT

Wide welding range:  
Overcoming the limitations of the workbench space, and can be welded outdoors and CZPT -distance welding
Convenient and flexible to use: 
Hand-held laser welding is equipped with movable pulleys, which is comfortable to hold, and can adjust the station at any time. It is free and flexible, and is suitable for CZPT working environment scenarios
A variety of welding methods: 
welding at any angle can be realized: overlap welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, internal fillet welding, external fillet welding, etc., and can be used for CZPT complex welded workpieces and large workpieces with irregular shapes welding. Realize welding at any angle. In addition, it can also achieve the freely switch of cutting, welding and cutting. All you need do it to change the welding copper nozzle to the cutting copper nozzle, which is very convenient
Satisfying welding effect:
Hand-held laser welding is hot-melt welding. The welding area has little heat influence and is not easy to deform. Meanwhile the welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, and it is firm and reliable. The welding seam strength reaches or exceeds the base metal itself
The welding seam does not need to be polished:
continuous welding, smooth and no fish-scale patterns, beautiful and no scars, and less follow-up polishing procedures
Welding without consumables:
The welding operation in most people’s impression is “left hand goggles, right hand clamp welding wire”. But with the handheld laser welding machine, the welding can be easily completed, which reduces the material cost in production and processing
With multiple safety alarms:
the welding tip is only effective when the switch is touched when it touches the metal, and the light is automatically locked after the workpiece is removed, and the touch switch has body temperature CZPT ng. The safety is high to ensure the safety of the operators during work
Save labor cost:
Compared with arc welding, the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. The operation is simple, easy to learn, and quick to get started

Product Parameters

Model Fiber-1000H Fiber-1500H Fiber-2000H
Laser CZPT 1000W 1500W 2000W
Power Adjustment Range 10%-100%
Fiber Core Diameter 50um
Fiber Length 10m
Power 220±10%/380±10%
Working Temperature 10-40ºC
Optional Robot Armavailable for All Models


1.How to select the suitable machine?
Tell us your material, detail requirements by words, pictures or video.

2.This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
We will send you manual and guide vedio in English, it can teach you how to operate the machine. If you still can not learn how to use it,  we can talk by phone, email or other contact ways.

3.Do you provide CZPT service?
OEM Service CZPT ized and CZPT orders are welcome due to CZPT abundant experiences.