Ztm Cheap L326 14t Construction Level Luffing Tower Crane 12ton Cost to Buy in Spanish with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

ZTM L326 14T construction level luffing tower crane 12ton cost to buy in spanish


Model ZTM Tower CZPT (ZTL326)
 Max. lifting height (m)  Free-standing stationary crane 48.2m
Anchored crane 126.2m
Working radius (m)  Max. working radius  55m
Min. working radius  15m
Max. lifting capacity (t)  14t
Power 380(±10%) / 50Hz
 Hoisting mechanism  Rope fall  α=1 α=2
Speed (m/min)  107.9 80.9 53.9 53.9 40.5 27
Lifting weight (t)  2.0 4.0 7.0 4.0 8.0 14
Power (kW)  75
Slewing mechanism Speed (rpm) 0-0.6
Power (kW) 95Nm x2
Luffing Winch Speed (degree/min) 15°-85°  2.2min
Power (kW) 55



   With the reputation of”Intelligent CZPT ing Expert” in the industry, CZPT has specially designed the tower crane from it’s steel structure, mechanism and electric control technology, which makes it more suitable for intelligent hoisting operation scenarios, such as the two operation stages of “hoisting” and “installing” in PC building construction.ZTM tower crane adopts the CZPT pean F.E.M design standard in steel structure and equips with more than ten unique intelligent hoisting modules in hoisting system, which insure the safety of tower crane all-around and realize the high efficiency & intelligence of the whole hoisting operation.

LVF mechanism:
1. Flender and other CZPT brand reducer 
2. The perfect combination of large drum and double-folding groove, no more cost for the large amount of wire rope wear and tear
3. CZPT -performance vector variable frequency speed regulation, no mechanical shock, CZPT tive electrical response
4. Wide range of frequency modulation, controllable speed , with CZPT -term low-speed and large-torque output motor characteristics
5. Multiple active safety brake protection, ensuring hoisting safety
6. Millimeter-level control accuracy, with “assembly operation mode”, prevent misoperation, completely independent intellectual property rights.

Integrated big luxury cabin with air conditioner built in.Provide unmatched comfort over CZPT hours on the job.

Constant temperature and humidity environment with air conditioner built in,keep operators comfortable, productive and focused on their work to maintain safety.Whole electrical control system positioned inside the cabin.

Improve the service life of electrical components and ensure safe operation for service man. The air conditioner is no CZPT er disassembled when the equipment is repeatedly installed, which improves the service life of the air conditioner and simplifies the installation process.

Electrical all in one panel authorized by ABB group locate inside the cabin,waterproof,anti wire aging,anti-electromagnetic interference,not affected by any weather condition,easy operation for service man,saving your maintenance cost.
Equipped with a temperature sensor to avoid the danger of fire and ensure the safe operation of the electrical system.


    Each mast section equipped with inclinded ladder and one hot galvanized rest platform per 3 meters,super safe for climbing,the mast section are L46A1,L68A1,L68B1,L68B2,L69 type,which can be global interchangeable.

      ZheJiang Zhongtian Intelligence Equipment Co., Ltd.(ZTM) is a leading construction equipment manufacturer in the industry. Founded in 2003, the company specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of tower cranes and construction hoists. After years of climbing and breakthroughs, CZPT ranked as NO. 5 tower crane manufacturer and has also become a member of drafting industry-related standards in CZPT .
        With innovation and development for many years,ZTM specialized in hammer head tower crane series ,flat top and luffing tower crane series ,each series with a wide range of size and capacities,all strictly complies with CZPT pean standard F.E.M 1.001.As a leading manufacturer in the industry,ZTM production facility cover an area of 200,000 square meter ,approximately 1100 employees included sales ,R &D ,after sales and technical support.We have been exported more than 80 countries and areas all over the world such as Korea,Malaysia,Viet nam,South CZPT ica ,Middle CZPT ,Southeast Asia etc.ZTM tower cranes are fitted with A to Z safety features to help increase safety for  technicians ,operators in the work environment,safety access to all zones.

Q1:Are you trading company or manufacturer?
A1: CZPT  is a original manufacturer.

Q2: How to confirm a suitable tower crane model?
A2: My friends, please tell us the below basic parameters to confirm tower crane model:
       a. Building height or tower crane working height.
       b. CZPT load capacity and tip load capacity.
       c. Span or jib length
       d. CZPT Special requirements

Q3: How about the installation?
A3: We can support installation guide video or send one engineer to your country for installing, but you should bear the cost.

Q4: How CZPT is your delivery time?
A4:Generally 7-15 days after CZPT payment.

Q5: Is it convenient to visit your factory ?
A5: Yes,we welcome every CZPT er to visit CZPT company. We also supply to visit CZPT factory by live stream.

Any other questions, please give us a message, hope can cooperate with you! and welcome to visit us!