Mining factory Equipment Gold Ore Incline Belt Conveyor with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Mining Equipment Gold Ore Incline Belt CZPT

Working Principle
DT II fixed belt conveyor is a general series product. The transportation system combined with single or multiple machines used for conveying materials can be applied to convey bulk materials with a loose density of 500-2500kg/m³ and packed products.
The suitable working environment temperature for DT II fixed belt conveyor is generally -25~+40ºC. The material temperature should less than 70ºC. CZPT under 120ºC can be conveyed by heat-resistant rubber belt conveyor, but it is not suitable for transporting materials at a higher temperature. Oil-resistant, acid-resistant and alkali-resistant rubber belt type plastic belt should be applied when materials with acidity, alkaline, oil and organic solvents are conveyed.
DT II fixed belt conveyor is designed according to component series. On the basis of the requirements of transporting processing, designer can design and combine the whole conveyor according to different landform and working conditions. This series of components can meet the requirements of horizontal and inclined conveying, and it can also apply the transporting types, such as the convex arc and concave arc combing straight line.
The size of materials allowed to be conveyed by the conveyor depends on the belt width, belt speed, section angle and inclination angle, and also depends on the frequency of big size materials appearance and maximum size for all kinds of belt width.

Application Scope
Belt conveyor is one of the most commonly used mining equipment, which is widely used in mineral processing, construction materials, silicate and chemical industries. In the production of small scale, medium scale or large scale mineral processing plants, it is generally used as the transportation machine for metal ores of gold, silver, copper, lead, zinc, nickel, manganese, iron, molybdenum, chromium, tin and others, as well as stone, rock, granite, limestone, barite, quartz, graphite, feldspar, fluorspar, coal, etc.

Technical Parameters

Model DTII-500 DTII-650 DTII-800 DTII-1000 DTII-1200 DTII-1400
Belt Width
500 650 800 1000 1200 1400
Particle Size
100 150 200 300 350 350
0.3~1.6 0.3~2.0 0.5~2.5
Conveying Capacity
25~138 48~254 75~396 121~810 296~1485 412~2065

1. What is the main business scope of your company?
HZE is a company with R&D center, design institute, manufacturing factories, installation and commissioning teams. Our CZPT ers are in the mining and mineral processing fields. Our major businesses include mineral processing EPC (engineering, procurement and construction), project consultation, CZPT design, mineral processing equipment manufacturing, on-site installation, commissioning, staff training, CZPT er project operation management, spare parts supply and technical support. CZPT ers are free to choose any one or any combination of CZPT services.

2. What are the outstanding advantages of your company?
The one-stop service of mineral processing CZPT project and equipment is CZPT core competitiveness.
The most important feature that CZPT distinguishes itself from other CZPT companies, design companies or consulting companies is that we are also an equipment manufacturer with a production plant of 50,000 square meters, and we have complete manufacturing rout and the related equipment.
HZE distinguishes itself from other equipment manufacturers by owning its own R&D center and CZPT design institute.
HZE distinguishes itself from many mining machinery enterprises by possessing an expert team with members including not only senior engineers of the company, but also top Chinese technical experts, university professors and researchers.

3. What are the characteristics of your company’s 3D design?
HZE not only uses 3D software to design equipment, but also uses 3D software to design process flow, pipeline, steel structure, auxiliary facilities, etc. of the whole mineral processing project. We even use 3D design for equipment packaging, container packing and equipment instructions manual. This greatly improves the quality of equipment and CZPT , shortens the construction period, facilitates technical discussion and evaluation, facilitates project management, improves construction safety and reduces project cost.

4.  What are the service features of your company?

  1. Customers who whether buy CZPT equipment, or entrust us with EPC, or require us to provide a certain service, cooperate closely with us to carry out specific operations and supervise CZPT implementation throughout the process.
  2. HZE will try to understand the basic situation and needs of CZPT ers as detailed as possible before the sale, formulate a preliminary plan according to the specific situation of CZPT ers, and get unanimous opinions after communications and discussions with CZPT ers to determine the plan.
  3. We set up CZPT er files for every CZPT er who signed the contract with us and upload them to the CZPT where CZPT ers can also get an account and password. CZPT ers can have all the documents, videos and pictures, technology, services, execution, operation, management and control, maintenance and so on related to the business.
  4. Whether it is in the process of general contracting, equipment manufacturing or providing some kind of service, we welcome CZPT ers to know about CZPT implementation on the spot or through the network, and put forward requirements and opinions.
  5. We assist users who have used CZPT products to formulate operation specifications and make suggestions on maintenance plans and spare parts inventories. In addition to routine on-site installation, commissioning and training, during the production period after we handing over equipment to CZPT ers for use, we often understand the equipment using situations through the network and provide guidance and training to CZPT er management and operators.
  6. For the clients who have just start the mining business, we provide the opportunity of training and practice in CZPT ‘s mines for the clients’ employees, until they are skilled in operation and maintenance.